Top 3 Best Pregnancy Body Pillows

Pregnancy body pillows were obviously created to increase comfort in women. If you have given birth before, you clearly know that this is one of the most challenging periods in a lady’s life. But then, as you start browsing reputable stores around, you will be challenged by the wide plethora of manufacturers. If you also count their numerous models, making a decision becomes a nightmare. Most of these pillows look alike, yet some of them are two or three times more expensive. So where is the catch? Despite the similar designs, they have specific characteristics that can make the difference. Some of them feel more comfortable than others, but they are also more durable. The secret stays in your research. Spot the best selling products and focus on them. Figure what you truly expect from this pillow and try to match its characteristics to your needs.

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Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillowvery good$$Click Here!
Leachco Back 'N Belly Contoured Body Pillowvery good$$Click Here!
U Shaped- Premium Contoured Body Pregnancy Pillowvery good$$Click Here!

1. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

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Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow is one of the front runners. It does not just sell like hot bread, but it also provides an excellent ratio for price and quality standards. It only weighs 5.5 pounds. It is flexible and easy to carry around, but it also feels firm enough to prevent you from switching sides while sleeping. With such characteristics, it is one of the best sellers in this industry. It supports all the parts exposed to pressure, but especially the back. It also relieves the pressure off your neck, hips and tummy. The design is unique and cannot be found in other models because it is patented. Basically, this maternity pillow has been developed by a registered nurse, who also happens to be a mother. In simple words, it is created by a mother for mothers, so she definitely knew what she was doing.

The cool material is yet another major benefit of Leachco’s pregnancy pillow. Pregnant women experience a series of flushing sensations. They experience a lot of heat due to the extra weight. When it comes to maternity pillows, the heat is even more intense. Fortunately, this product does not carry those side effects. You can enjoy the cuddling feelings and high comfort without the excessive heat. Finally, the slipcover is easy to remove without too much hassle. It can be machine washed without risking damaging it. As for its durability, it tends to maintain its firmness throughout the entire pregnancy.

2. Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow

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Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow is among the front runners due to being manufactured in the USA. It is not imported from a random country, so there are no risks regarding the manufacturer’s warranty, specifications and customer support. The full body pillow helps mothers in the attempt to enjoy a comfortable sleep on one side or the back. There are not too many pregnancy pillows succeeding in ensuring a comfortable back sleep, but this one can easily make the difference. Its unique design also helps in preventing the reflux by supporting the belly and back while elevating the head. The interesting part is that you can use it even after you give birth. It makes a decent option in feeding the baby or practicing tummy positioning, which is essential for neck muscle development.

Leachco’s pregnancy pillow is made of polyester (65%) and cotton (35%). The construction adds to the durability, but it also ensures a cuddly support. Moreover, the high percentage of polyester adds to its longterm firmness. While many cheap products give up their firmness within weeks only, this one can be purchased during the first days of your pregnancy and support you even after childbirth. The case is removable and machine washable. However, the package is assembled, so the pillow has the case on. Last, but not least, it is worth noting that its construction will work in preventing and ameliorating heartburn, runny or stuffy nose and sciatica.

3. U Shaped Premium Contoured Body Pregnancy Pillow

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Created by Blowout Bedding, the U shaped model is among the few full size maternity pillows in commerce today. While you can, indeed, find a lot of interesting models that will cover your size, there are not too many of them that can fully embrace you from head to toe. This one measures 60 inches in length and 35 inches in width. It is 7 inch high and the good news is that its firmness is one of its most durable characteristics. If you have had other inexpensive maternity pillows before, you have probably noticed that most of them turn flat within a couple of months only. This one will not. Apart from the actual pillow, you got a zippered case. The zipper will not cause any discomfort, but only help in removing the case and machine washing it.

Apart from relieving the pressure off your back, hips, tummy and neck, Blowout Bedding’s pillow prevents heartburn sensations, as well as sciatica and nasal congestion. Therefore, its uses go way further than just pressure relief. Other than that, it weighs 7.6 pounds. It might feel a bit heavier than other similar models, but quality materials never come lightweight. If you truly want a durable unit, you better opt for a top notch material.

As a short final conclusion, pregnancy body pillows do have a lot of benefits in the long run, yet it is imperative to research your options upfront. You do not want to waste your money on a product that does not match your size or does not tackle your necessities. Besides, you should know that pregnancy pillows do take a while to get used to them. Some women can accommodate pregnancy pillows within hours only, while others need a few nights. Most experts recommend buying a pillow during the first stage of the pregnancy. This way, the tummy will get used to it right away, while preventing swelling sensations and pains becomes piece of cake. Keep in mind that a few detailed and unbiased reviews will open a lot of doors, but take a peek over the pros and cons as well.

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