Top 3 Best Boppy Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy pillows come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. While everyone is aware of their benefits, the truth is that not everyone is familiar with what they can do for the mother and the baby. A simple search over the Internet will provide a lot of products and solutions. Pregnancy pillows are split into a few major categories, so choosing the right category might become the first step in making a wise and informed decision. This is also the quickest way to narrow the selections a little.

All in all, when it comes to their popularity, it looks like Boppy pregnancy pillows cover the most common category. They are great during both the feeding and tummy time, not to mention about the mother’s comfort. Take your time and check out the best selling products before making a final choice.

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Boppy Slipcovered Body Pillowvery good$$Click Here!
Boppy Prenatal Total Body Pillowvery good$$$Click Here!
Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillowgood$$Click Here!

1. Boppy Slipcovered Body Pillow

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Boppy Slipcovered Body Pillow is a full body pregnancy unit. It is designed to provide full support, from head to toes. The design and shape are unique and cannot be matched by other models. It has two wide areas – one for each part of the body – connected through a thin attachment. The superior wide part is specifically developed for the neck and head. The inferior one starts right around the belly and goes down to the toes. Practically, this model is excellent for the back, tummy, hips and head. The design is quite versatile, which also adds to its new experience. Other than that, the pillow weighs around 4.2 pounds. It is easy to “embrace” and move around, without too much effort.

While digging deeper into smaller details, Boppy’s slipcovered model comes with a machine washable slipcover. Even the actual pillow can be washed inside a machine, yet you need a pretty large opening. The slipcover is natural and entirely made of cotton. While you may run into plenty of synthetic materials when looking for pregnancy pillows, you should know that this one will not expose you to any dangers at all. Double check all the sizing standards before spending your money though. This model measures 51 inches in length, but only 46 inches when curved.

2. Boppy Prenatal Total Body Pillow

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Boppy Prenatal Total Body Pillow is among the best rated pregnancy pillows available over the Internet. It is entirely made in the USA, which adds to its credibility. It is made of cotton and polyester. The cover is made of cotton only. The product is developed to offer full support for pregnant bodies, from head to toes. It also has a unique contour that no other brands have adopted. With all these, the unique design seems to follow the body line like no other. It is focused on the hips, back, tummy and neck. It is excellent for newly pregnant ladies too. In fact, it is supposed to be introduced to your lifestyle before even growing a large tummy. A lot of ladies start using this pillow early, only to ensure that they can actually get used to them. After all, it takes at least a few days to get used to a pregnancy pillow, especially if you are normally a back or stomach sleeper.

When it comes to the maintenance, the Boppy prenatal pillow is machine washable. Both the actual pillow and the cover can be washed in there, yet you will need a pretty large opening hole to get the entire item in. Another good news is that it is lightweight, so moving it around while asleep is not such a complicated job.

3. Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow

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Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow does manage to stand up in the crowd. It offers full support for the entire body, but it goes even further. It has a unique construction and it is split into three different parts. With all these, the respective parts can be fitted in one only. The final result follows the body line in very small details. The split design is excellent for pregnant ladies who feel quite comfortable, yet they only need support in specific areas only. At the same time, it provides access to more types of customized constructions. The pillow can be used both before and after giving birth. The back pillow stimulates side sleeping without any pressure at all. It is recommended during a pregnancy, yet it can be quite complicated and uncomfortable sometimes. However, the problematic areas are properly supported in the attempt to recommend this position.

On a different note, the leg pillow clears the pressure off your hips. The same goes for knees and ankles. Curious what the small paddle around the belly does? Put it under the belly, only to keep it at the same level and avoid putting any pressure on the back. Each of these parts is machine washable. Since the entire pillow can be split into smaller parts, you can obviously clean them one at a time, especially if your washing machine has a small opening. When put together, the pillow weighs around 3 pounds only. It is mostly recommended to small and medium sized women.

As a short final conclusion, choosing the right Boppy pregnancy pillow does not have to be as complicated as you think. In fact, the process is quite simple if you start early. The more time you give yourself for this research, the easier it becomes to make a wise and informed decision. Detailed reviews on the front running products do not just help users figure which pillow can match their necessities, but they also underline both the pros and cons. No product is perfect, so basing your decision on the manufacturer’s specifications is not really your best idea.

Keep in mind that research is the mother of education. Some products that work for particular women may not necessarily work for you too. Every woman is unique and so are her necessities. Some women may have no issues while sleeping on their sides, while others will barely be able to close their eyes without a pregnancy pillow.

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