How to use a Pregnancy Pillow

Gaining advantage from a pregnancy pillow implies following two simple principles. At first, you need to figure what pillow matches your necessities. Second, you have to ensure that you use it correctly. The first step is the most complicated one because there are a wide plethora of products in commerce. Begin by becoming familiar with the most common categories. Identify the front running manufacturers, as well as their best products. Find out what causes the discomfort while sleeping, only to ensure that you choose the right unit. After all, it is supposed to float around your demands and needs.

Assuming that you have already found the ideal pregnancy pillow for your personal necessities, using it accordingly will help you gain as much as possible from it. Before learning more about the respective model, double check all the instructions coming from the manufacturer. With so many models and benefits on the market, it makes perfect sense for these pillows to have specific uses. Other than that, you should know that you might need to spend a few days in order to figure what the best sleeping position is. Your comfort standards change to 180 degrees once the pillow joins the bed. But generally, its primary goal is to help you sleep on the side.

Best Pregnancy Pillow

Ensure a top notch comfort for your neck

Nine out of ten pregnancy pillows come to take over your entire sleeping habit. You can ditch your current small pillow because it is simply useless. There are, of course, a few simple elements to pay attention to. Most women focus on their tummies or backs. They fail to realize that supporting the back and overlooking the adjacent parts will not necessarily guarantee for a top notch result. Therefore, your pregnancy pillow is supposed to provide neck relief as well. The neck is connected to the spine, which must be kept perfectly straight. Otherwise, you are just taking the pains from your back and transferring them to your shoulders and neck.

Keep your back in a perfectly aligned position

Ensuring a comfortable back position is not hard if you pay attention to a few simple tips and tricks. When sleeping on one side, the discomfort is directly proportional with the size of your belly. If it is not too large, it will not put too much pressure on the back. But if it is, it will pull the side, as well as the back muscles. Therefore, your alignment becomes a tense position instead. Not sure how to get over it? Lift your belly a little, then slip a small part of your pillow right under it. This position offers some support to your belly, but it also clears all the unpleasant feelings associated with your back.

How to use a pregnancy pillow

Slip the pillow between your knees

If this is the first time you see a pregnancy pillow, you should know that it goes between the legs. You have probably seen that classic position that is on every package – picturing a lady embracing the pillow. While it looks like the pillow goes between the legs, it actually goes between the knees and ankles. Those are the parts where pressure hits. You need to relieve the pressure off joints. Pregnant women may also face swelling joints, but the pillow can reduce them. Furthermore, it enhances the circulation as well. You do not need too much work to realize what the most comfortable position is.

Support your back accordingly

The back needs to be supported from multiple directions. Apart from keeping it aligned, it is highly recommended to take advantage of the pillow’s attachments. Most pregnancy pillows come with a small attachment that wraps around the body. Its primary purpose is to keep the back protected, but also to discourage you from rolling around on the back or the other side while asleep. The proper support is not just physically preventing you from moving, but it also ensures a high level of comfort, which is important to keep the same position throughout the night.

Pregnancy Pillow

Important tips in using a pregnancy pill by the book

While most women are not aware of this idea, the truth is that you should mostly lie on the left side. This helpful advice is underlined by the body construction. Practically, the liver is located in the right side of the trunk. If you lie on the right side, your uterus puts pressure on it. On the other hand, sleeping on the left side allows a proper flow of blood and nutrients. They go straight to your placenta, as well as your baby. As if all these were not enough, you will love relieving some of the pressure off your back.

Most women naturally assume that the straighter they are, the better. However, bending your knees a little is actually a main recommendation. No one pays attention to you. Just bring the knees a little closer to the belly, but without exaggerating. Such a position adds to the circulatory status and boosts the heart related operations. Curious why? It is simple. The position clears some of the pressure on the inferior vena cava. Blood from and to the feet is transported a lot easier.

Thinking that you are still in an early stage of the pregnancy? Finding it too early to get a pregnancy pillow? You are wrong. In fact, the pillow should join your bed as soon as you find out about the pregnancy. You need some time to adjust to it, while your belly will grow along with it. Starting to use it in a late stage brings in a lot of stress. It is not as easy as you might think. It might take more than just a few days to get used to it, especially if you are a stomach sleeper. Therefore, joining this venture early is a great idea.

Last, but not least, do not hesitate to seek help from your physician if you are worried that the pillow is not really the best addition to your sleeping position. Some professional advice might be more helpful.

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