Best Pregnancy Pillow of 2016

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Leachco Back 'N Belly Chicvery good$$$Click Here!
C Shaped- Premium Multi-Position Contoured Body Pregnancy Pillowexcellent$$Click Here!
Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillowvery good$$Click Here!
U Shaped- Premium Contoured Body Pregnancy Pillow very good$$Click Here!
Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillowgood$$Click Here!

Why You Should Use a Pregnancy Pillow

Given the many changes that your body is going through while you are pregnant most women will know instinctively that they need a special form of support. However, it is well worth going through the process of discussing the many advantages of using a pregnancy pillow even if just so you will get the confirmation that, indeed, a good quality pregnancy pillow will elevate some of the pain or uncomfortable sensation associated with pregnancy. For one, during your pregnancy you are not allowed to sleep on your back, and while in the first months that is only a precaution, the more advanced your pregnancy will be, the more you will feel that your feet are going numb if you do try to sleep on your back. So a good quality pregnancy pillow will allow you to sleep comfortably on your side because it will provide support from both sides of your body. More than that, as your hips are getting wider, getting ready for the birthing process, you will start feeling that you absolutely need support between your legs when you lay on a side. For that reason most women use a second pillow between their knees, but the obvious problem with that is that you have to readjust it every time you turn. A pregnancy pillow is one huge piece that provides support to your head and neck, comes down to support your belly as it grows bigger and heavier, and they ends up resting comfortably between your knees. Even better than that is the fact that the best pregnancy pillows will have a U shape allowing you to turn from one side to another without having the need to bring your pillow with you to the other side. The U shape is also important because some women also need support for their lower back or their torso, and having a pillow on both sides of your body can provide easily provide just that type of support.

What To Look for When Purchasing a Pregnancy Pillow

There are several important aspects to consider when purchasing a pregnancy pillow, the most important of which being its shape. It needs to follow the contours of your body, and quite contrary to what your intuition might say, it needs to be at its lowest where your belly would rest, and the thickest between your legs. The shape however, is nowhere near as important as the pillow’s ability to maintain that shape, so you need to make sure that the manufacturer is using good quality filling and has a reputation for providing reliable products. Another thing that you need to be careful with is the fact that some pregnancy pillows do not come with their own pillow case, and some do not even have the option of buying a dedicated one. And if there is one thing that you can be sure of is that, with morning sickness, evening sickness, and all sorts of other changes going on your body, you will inevitably through up and will need to wash the pillow case. Furthermore, you need to be very clear about the temperature setting you can have in your bedroom. Most pregnant women tend to feel extremely hot during the night, so a U shaped pillow can make you feel uncomfortable, unless you can set the bedroom temperature on low. Finally, the one thing that most people tend to forget is to take into consideration the color of the pillow or of the pillow case because it is unlikely you will get to use more than the one case and it must not clash with the colors you use in your bedroom and on your bed, or it will create a feeling of being uncomfortable in your own home.

Our Top 5 Best Pregnancy Pillows Recommendations

Taking all of these benefits and necessities into consideration we have scoured the online offers, and have come up with the following list of the 5 best pregnancy pillows on the market. These are pillows that will properly maintain their shape and that give you one option or another of easily cleaning them. The stuffing is of the best quality so, although there are significant differences between them, you would not go wrong by buying anyone of them. Still, if you want to buy the best pillow for your own individual needs make sure to scroll past the list itself to the in depth reviews we have created for each pillow. There you will get to know not only why we though each of these pillows deserves to be on this list, but also what differentiates one from another.

Best Pregnancy Pillow If Price Is Not an Issue

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Our number one choice as the best pregnancy pillow is the Leachco Back ‘N Belly Chic, and if you just want to buy an excellent pillow and are not concerned about the price, then this is your best option. That is not to say it is overpriced, quite the contrary, for considering its quality and features it is actually quite a cheap option. It is one of the few pregnancy pillows on the market that actually comes with a designer pillow cover so it looks less like something that belongs on a hospital bed and more like something you would find in a nice family bedroom. The other great thing is the perfect design of the pillow, providing support for knees, belly, and neck, and it elevates the head helping with the acid reflux problems most mothers experience. In fact this is the only pregnancy pillow that even men will find truly comfortable because it is just firm enough to provide support where it is needed, but soft enough that, if you do not have a bit belly or widening hips to contend with, you will not be bothered by the parts that are designed to help with those problems. The other great thing is the fact that the pillow case and the outer cover of the pillow are made from 100% cotton, so even if the stuffing is made from polyester, you body only touches natural fabrics. The exterior cotton layer has a second benefit in that even in warmer climates, the pillow allows your skin to breathe and it does not feel exceedingly hot. The polyester filling itself is of the best quality and maintains its shape even after multiple pregnancies so this would be a great pillow to pass on to a sister or friend that may have become pregnant after you.

Best Pregnancy Pillow for the Money

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As much as we like the Leachco pillow, we have to admit that it is a bit on the pricy side of things, and if  you want to get the best deal on the market you are better off with the Web Linens Inc C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow. It has many of the advantages of the Leachco, but it costs a lot less. It still has an exterior pillow case that you can easily take off and wash but it is not 100% cotton, and your only choice of colors is the original, plain white. Still, it does provide just the right kind of support to each part of the body and it allows you to twist and turn as much as you like without having to adjust the pillow itself. An added benefit or a big disadvantage, depending on your needs, is the fact that the pillow has a C shape so you will get a slightly different type of support depending on which side you sleep on. The one possible disadvantage is the fact that, if you are very comfortable on one side of the pillow, since the other is different, it may not feel as comfortable. However, the C shape has other advantages like the fact that it leaves more of your body exposed to the air, so it does not get as hot as the U shaped pillows. Another great thing is that you can machine wash and tumble dry both the pillow and the pillow cover.

Best Pregnancy Pillow on a Budget

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If money is tight and you are really working on a budget, then you can actually get the more affordable version of the Leachco maternity pillow, the Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow. It is a C shaped pillow, so you get the benefits of a potentially cooler sleep, and you get to enjoy the high quality of manufacture that Leachco brings to everyone of their products. You don’t get a designer pillow case, but you do have the option of ordering the pillow in a white, beige or dark brown case, which should allow you to match your bedroom’s pattern better than with a regular white pillow case. The other bad news is that the case is made from only 35% cotton, and the rest 65% is polyester, but that is actually the reason why they were able to offer this pillow at such a reasonable price. The final thing to consider is that this, as any of the other pillows we have talked about so far, is quite a large pillow so you will need at least a queen size bed for you, the pillow and your partner to sleep comfortably.

Honorable Mention 1

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Besides our top 3 choice for the best pregnancy pillow, there are 2 more pillows that really drew our attention. The Blowout Bedding U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow seemed very interesting as a best for the money kind of deal. It is a bit too expensive to be on a budget pillow, but it does have a full cotton pillow case which did take it up several notches in our evaluation. It has a relatively good shape but it does not follow the contours of the body as well as our top 3 choices. Still, it is not as bad as most other choices on the market, and it is just firm enough that you can pull it towards you and shape it for the perfect level of comfort. Also, we love the fact that it is U shaped so, in time, you can turn from one side to the other without having to wake up. The pillow case only comes in a plain white version, but it is incredibly easy to take off from the pillow itself, a fact that is very surprising given the size and shape of the pillow. And you can machine wash and tumble dry the pillow and the cover, so, given the fact that the filling is of the best quality and maintains its shape over time, you can actually use this pillow through multiple pregnancies without any problems.

Honorable Mention 2

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The final product we need to mention here is a one sided pregnancy pillow, for those of you who do not move around too much during sleep and who feel that a full body, double sided pillow would feel too warm or would not fit in your bed. The best pregnancy pillow in this category, we feel, is the Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow. It has several very interesting features that we would like to see in a U shaped pillow as well. The waist part actually goes under your body to provide support both for your belly and for the small of your back. It is a most comfortable feature and one that is well worth the money. The leg support is very firm and comfortable, and the neck and head support are also of an excellent quality. We also love the fact that the pillow case is not the customary drab white, but actually a more visually pleasing white a blue pattern. However, the case cannot be taken off the pillow so you will have to wash them together, which is not really a problem except for the fact that a pillow takes longer to dry than a simple pillow case.


A pregnancy is truly a magical and wonderful time, but it can also be a very trying time, and it seems that it is mostly the little things that can turn it into a bad situation. Things like acid reflux in the middle of the night, not finding the right position to sleep in, feeling too cold or too hot, all these little things that can be so easily managed by a good quality pregnancy pillow. Of course these are not magical pillows and the support of your loved ones is the only magical ingredient, but with a little bit of help from a good quality pregnancy pillow you will get to enjoy this period that much better.